Oel├čner Str. 9
LEIPZIG / 1.800 m┬▓
32 Units / New

Christinenstra├če 13 / Fehrbelliner Stra├če 9
BERLIN / 1.080 m┬▓
16 Units / Old

Droysenstra├če 2
BERLIN / 700 m┬▓
6 Units / Old & New

Torgauer Str. 4
LEIPZIG / 6.100 m┬▓
144 Units / New

Dr├Âpkeweg 1
BERLIN / 4.300 m┬▓
60 Units / New

Bogenstra├če 3
ERFURT / 3.800 m┬▓
32 Units / New

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a
BERLIN / 5.900 m┬▓
34 Units / Old & New

Reichenberger Stra├če 154
BERLIN / 4.000 m┬▓
27 Einheiten / Old & New

Papierm├╝hlstra├če 18
LEIPZIG / 3.400 m┬▓
28 Units / New




The name is composed of the words Cen and Core. We borrowed the linguistic unit Cen from the Japanese concept of Zen. The cen circle is a symbol for eternity, stability and life itself. In connection with the word core, CENCORE thus describes the core of the circle, the point of the absolute centre.

The core competence of our company is the nationwide development of residential and commercial real estate projects. Both new construction and revitalisation projects are considered. An acquisition network that has grown over two decades enables developments with high added value. Our internal construction management team as well as the specialised companies affiliated with us guarantee highly qualified, time- and cost-efficient execution in the realisation of construction measures.



We develop new living and creative spaces for people
, taking into account urban compatibility. With a view to the creation, preservation and enhancement of values, we analyse the possibilities of a location in its depth and form corresponding development concepts.
Cities, municipalities, investors and joint venture partners benefit from the efficiency of this process, as do residents or operators.  Profitability, sustainability and social responsibility go hand in hand.